The Good Deed


Kevin is an excellent dentist. He helps people be happier and healthier. When Kevin does something unexpectedly generous for one of his patients, it sends her into a bit of a tailspin. She’s grateful, but feels the good deed wasn't necessary and needs to pay Kevin back for his generosity... and it has to be perfect.


Her journey to find the ultimate gift for Kevin teaches her an important lesson.  She starts to understand what gifts and good deeds are, what they mean to others, and how far a simple gesture can go.


Illustrated by the wonderfully talented David Bowie fan, Jennifer Wagner


I’m donating 25% of all proceeds from this book to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada.

Farmer Zee (working title) - coming soon


I know, I know. Teasers are an author's faux pas, but this story is worth the wait! Check back soon for more information.