I find stories in everything. Every interaction, every observation, and every encounter.

I completed a master of arts in writing in 2015 when I was 30-something, followed by a graduate certificate in communications in 2018. I'm addicted to learning (which I think is a good thing) and I'm passionate about writing. I work in communications where a knack for storytelling is super handy and I love it.

I laugh a lot. Seriously, I mean, a lot. Every day, even at the dentist, even during a global pandemic. I try to emphasize attitude, gratitude, and authenticity in everything I do. It's not always easy but I'm working on being a better human.  

I accidentally started writing stories for children which morphed into a simple goal of bringing people joy and giving back to our communities. I commit to donating my books and profits from The Good Deed to different not-for-profit organizations to help continue to support our communities. Check out the supporting causes page for more information.  

When you support these stories, you support others. It's a win-win.

About me